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update on baking for good

It’s a little weird to be writing about bread from within the forced bread abstinence of Passover.  But perhaps it is only in absence where one might find perspective.  When last I wrote about my baking for good it was … Continue reading

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playing for the same team

I got a text Thursday night during dinner from one of the hockey leagues I play with asking  if I could play in a game that night at 10:00PM.  These kinds of (usually last minute) requests are common.  Goalies are … Continue reading

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restless equanimity

I wish I could say I spent the time between being prescribed testosterone and actually getting the testosterone in some kind of humble, mindful, contemplative, equanimity.  I didn’t.  I was a walking bag of anxious irritation.  Hey, I’m nothing if not consistent. … Continue reading

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response and responsibility

I often know when something is not going to end well, when an idea, even in it’s germinating state, is not a good one.   We all do.  Those are the moments when my inner voice urgently entreats, “no good can … Continue reading

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neither fish nor fowl

I will cut to the chase.  I have come to the conclusion that I am attempting to live above my station.  And I am just realizing that that is where too many of my troubles stem from. I just finished reading … Continue reading

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the actual fuck

  Well that didn’t go at all as planned. I am both at a loss for words and flooded with them.  I have colloquy gushing from every pore and orifice in my body, clogging my brain and choking my heart.  And … Continue reading

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Reality is a relative term.  Clearly everyone has their own, and we can only hope that the Venn diagrams of life’s realities overlap enough, or at least to some extent, to allow us to live peacefully with one another.  I … Continue reading

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more than meets the eye

I feel a little embarrassed sharing this story, but for some reason I feel compelled to share it anyway:  We recently purchased a new living room couch.  Our old behemoth was a hand-me-down from a friend, a hundred years old … Continue reading

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Words, usually playful and expressive, rolling off my tongue in intricate and eloquent phrases, escape me right now.  I don’t know what to say.  I have no words.  And yet, I can’t not say anything.  I can’t not acknowledge the attack … Continue reading

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Well, yesterday was my brother’s birthday.  Exactly one year ago that I went looking for him and found him.  On the street.  I have been in contact with him fairly regularly this whole year.  A burden and a blessing.  In that … Continue reading

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