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sometimes you win

Sometimes you win.  And sometimes you lose.  And sometimes you win the battle but lose the war.  Or something profound like that.  With spring weather kind of sort of here, I’m feeling a bit philosophical i guess.  I’m just realizing … Continue reading

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We had an interesting discussion with a friend at dinner the other night that sparked some interesting thoughts and feelings for me.  Emily’s friend Annie is a total sweetheart.  She’s a kind and very good-hearted person who has had more … Continue reading

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enemy mine

Ever since reading Hillbilly Elegy something has been niggling at me.  It isn’t that I related to the poverty, misery or even the daily life situations of the hillbillies in Appalachia.  What I related to and what bothered me was … Continue reading

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fevered writing

Excerpts from a letter to Tracy and thoughts of a fevered mind: I’m home sick.  Sick again or even sick still.  I’m not sure which.  Nor do I even care at this point.  I do know that I’m quite sick … Continue reading

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regrets, I’ve had a few

This is the time in the Jewish year where we are offered the opportunity to stop, breathe, take stock.  How am I?  Who am I?  How have I been?  Who have I been?  Who and how would I like to be? … Continue reading

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T for two?

Ok, so I’ve met with my new medical care practice.  Actually, I met with the administrative folks and the nurse practitioner (NP) who I will be seeing most of the time anyway.  In some ways I was stunned by the … Continue reading

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good housekeeping seal of approval

For all the complaints I have about the little I can remember of my childhood, I did grow up in a very clean house.  “The girls” came weekly to ensure that.  They came, two middle-aged women, had coffee with my mother (I … Continue reading

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