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sometimes you win

Sometimes you win.  And sometimes you lose.  And sometimes you win the battle but lose the war.  Or something profound like that.  With spring weather kind of sort of here, I’m feeling a bit philosophical i guess.  I’m just realizing … Continue reading

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all the ladies

It has been literally years since Emily and I have had a night out without children.  As part of Emily’s birthday celebration recently, she and I went out with friends for a grown up dinner.  So it was a very … Continue reading

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reflections of…

I officiated at a funeral the other day.  The mother of a long-time-family-friend died.  The family is close and loving, but not part of a larger spiritual or religious cohort and therefore was feeling stuck about funeral arrangements.  I was happy … Continue reading

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fine line

I so very often feel as though I am traversing that proverbial fine line, shambling awkwardly in a zig zag over and across it: the fine line between right and wrong; good and bad; honest and deceitful; joking and sarcastic; real … Continue reading

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whipping boi

Sung to the tune of “no good deed goes unpunished”.  I’m not your whipping boi.  And I’m trying not to be a total douchenozzle – you know, being the white, overly defensive whining asshole.  In general, I try very hard (ok, … Continue reading

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my what a big underbelly you have

It isn’t just because of this election that I have very strong feelings about bullies.  As any of my readers know, my mother herself was/is a bully.  So I’m well acquainted with bullies.  I’ve known them all my life.  There … Continue reading

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those were the days

We went on our annual family vacation to Cape Cod.  Minus Jo who was at sleep-away camp.  But plus Ruby who is brand new to our family rhythm, and just about everything else.  So much was the same and yet … Continue reading

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one door closes…

I don’t mean to mislead.  I know that usually the phrase “one door closes” is completed by “and another one opens” and intimates a story behind the story.   Here though, I’m actually being quite a bit more literal.  Forewarned … Continue reading

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shame on me

Let’s begin with a big fat sigh.  I need to focus.  Focus on good things, positive things, important things.  There is a lot in my life that I am competent at.  I have accomplishments and achievements worthy of satisfaction.  Some … Continue reading

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more than meets the eye

I feel a little embarrassed sharing this story, but for some reason I feel compelled to share it anyway:  We recently purchased a new living room couch.  Our old behemoth was a hand-me-down from a friend, a hundred years old … Continue reading

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